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There are many factors influencing the effect of marketing but perhaps the most important one is visibility. If your audience does not notice your existence they likely choose for someone else.

T-LED offers transparent LED systems that can be deployed in various ways. The limit is your imagination. No difficult installation or integration, just plug and play!

All of our products are transparent each with their own key characteristic: Holographic features, adhesive screens or poster format.

You are always welcome for a demo in our office to find out which of the LED solution meet your needs.

places for usage T-LED:

  • Tradeshows;

  • Retail;

  • Buildings;

  • Marketing;

  • Casino’s;

  • Events;

  • Noise barriers;

  • etc…

OUR Products

Image Adhesive LED.jpeg

Projection Film

This film screen can be cut to any shape, graphic, icon or logo to create an unique promotional eye-catching screen. Application to glass, acrylic or any transparent material is easy.

Apply to the window, install the projector and you are good to go!


Adhesive LED

As the name suggest this transparent LED screen can be placed anywhere to your preference. It is lightweight and sticks to almost all surfaces.

Size ranges from small to unlimited as the screen consists out of separate panels that can be multi directional connected.


Poster LED

Unique feature of the poster LED is that the images are only visible on one side of the screen.

This allows the screen to be installed in windows without disrupting people’s workplace, as the advertisement will only be visible from the outside.


Advertising Fan

This 3D advertising machine is unique due to its holographic characteristics. Hereby images seem to flow 3D in the air, always captivating people.

The fan projector comes with an app which makes the use of the system clear and simple.

Projection Film

The Projection Film is made of high-quality polyester film, enabling a lifespan for years. It is an near to transparent projection film that provides a bright and holographic looking image when being projected on.

The product does not include the required projector. Minimal requirements for a projector are 5000 lumens. For optimal visualisation T-LED is more than happy to advice. Additional projector is also optional.

The film is virtually see-through when the projector is turned off: the transmittance is up to 92% with 175 degree view angle.


  • Available models are

    • 1520 mm x 5000 mm

    • 1520 mm x 10000 mm

    • *Film can be downsized to the desired dimensions or shapes

  • Projector is not included, but optional

Adhesive LED

The transparent Adhesive LED screens transform any empty window surface into a jaw dropping promotional surface. The Adhesive LED screens consist out of separate panels that, when connected by wire, can form large surfaces. Furthermore they are lightweight and come in different transparency degrees. Adjustable optimal viewing distance makes this system also ideal for extremely large walls such as high buildings or noise-barriers next to highways. Still, the Adhesive LED screens also work perfectly on short viewing distances as in windows in a shopping street.

Installation is easy! Simply peel of the covering layer of the LED panel and press the sticky screen on the material. The different panels can be connected by wire. The system comes with a software program allowing you to upload your images and animations in a instant.


  • Different transparency degrees

  • Adjustable optimal viewing distance (ranges from 6 metres up)

  • Size single panel: 480 mm x 190 mm

    • Thickness of panel 3 mm

  • File format supported .bmp / .jpeg / .ico / .png / .gif / .wmv / .asx / .asf / .mpeg1 / .mpeg2 / .mpeg4 / .h.264 / DVD / VCD / .xvid

    / .divx / .mov / .mp4 / .rmvb / .avc1 / QTRLE / .swf / .docx / .doc / .xls / .xlsx / .txt

4S car store in Chongqing P10 12sqm.jpg

Poster LED

This real eye-catcher is ideal for advertising and promotional purposes. The Poster LED is framed in a clean aluminium structure that can hang on wires mounted to a ceiling or put on a standard.

The system is ideal for advertising and promotional purposes as only one side of the screen displays information, giving the screen transparent properties. When installed in for instance an office, employees still be able to look outside the window, not without any disturbance from the LED screen.

System control comes down to plug and play. Images, animations or videos can be uploaded to a USB stick which, once connected to the Poster LED control box, will automatically play the content.


  • Size: 1275 mm x 960 mm x 15 mm

    • Incl. frame: 1500 mm x 1010 mm x 50 mm

  • Frame color: gold / silver

  • Wide variety of formats supported: video, images, text / .xls / .xlsx / .doc / .docx / .ppt / .pptx / .txt

Sports Transparent Adds 1.png

Advertising Fan

This holographic display contains LED lights on its spinning wings, which can project any image or animation as real as it can get. As the projector is lightweight it can be mounted to any wall to preference. The projector comes with an app (suitable for both Android and IOS) connecting via WIFI, that allows the user to upload images to the machine in an instant. Once all your images and animations are uploaded a remote control can be used to switch to the next animation.

Available in several sizes:

  • Rotor blade size: 430 mm / 700 mm / 1000 mm

    • Number of blades: 2 / 4 / 4

  • Including: application and remote control

    • Application supported by Android and IOS

  • File format supported: .mp4 / .avi / .rmvb / .mkv / .gif / .jpg / .png

Displayprojector including accessorises

Displayprojector including accessorises

Application for uploading visuals

Application for uploading visuals



Our T-LED expert, Jim de Waal, is looking forward to tell you everything there is to know about our systems. Get in touch for more video’s, pictures or to see the systems with your own eyes in our office. Always welcome!

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